Customer portal - customers can not see resolved tickets and paid invoices

When logging into the customer portal, customers can not review closed tickets (which they really should be able to) or look at paid invoices.
This is a pretty obvious feature - maybe I am missing something, but if I am correct, please add these as options.

Around tax time clients want information on paid invoices and it is a nightmare.

It’s a nightmare but:

For Resolved Tickets

  1. Customer Portal Home
  2. Click “View All” on the right-hand side of the OPEN TICKETS section.
  3. Uncheck the “Resolved” on the “Status is Not” dropdown
  4. Select 'Search"
  5. Profit???

For Invoices:
I’d check permissions/security group settings, you should be able to see all invoices regardless of payment status. Same with payments even though that’s quite useless for the most part.

Would be nice to have bulk download/export though.

Good to know and I appreciate the reply :slight_smile: