Customer Onboarding Scripts / First-Run Testing

So, we’re trying to test some scripts and we’re choosing the “ALWAYS” option for when to run it.

Our goal is to have a script run anytime someone uses an installer to install Syncro.

Got a Test Policy setup on a Test Customer and it works…the FIRST time we install it on the machine.

If we delete the machine from the dashboard, ensure the client has been auto-uninstalled from the machine, and then run the installer again (even after a reboot), it’s like the Syncro Dashboard knows the script has already been run once and it simply doesn’t run again.

We’ve tried waiting for 5 minutes…NOTHING.

Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of the “ALWAYS” run option for scripting?
What are we missing here?

We’ve got LOTS of “after Syncro install” scripts we want to test.
Reimaging a machine to test each one and/or using a wiped VM just seems silly since there’s an “ALWAYS” option lol

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

The Always just means that it will always run the setup script when the system joins the policy, but if Syncro remembers it deep down that the asset was part of that policy, it’s not technically rejoining the policy, it’s just move data around on the back-end. When you uninstall, it keeps the UUID in the registry, when you reinstall, it’s the same asset as it was before. When that being said, you can just change the asset from the policy to another, wait a bit, and then change it back and that should kick off the setup scripts that are setup as Always. If you want to go through the whole process, then change policy, uninstall, and then reinstall with the installer that would put it in the right folder.

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Jimmie is correct! The UUID is kept in case you ever want to bring an asset back and re-manage it, there are benefits to having that UUID recorded. If you want to remove it, we do have an uninstaller that does remove the UUID at the bottom of this page.

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@Jimmie @Alexandra Thanks to both of you!

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