Customer Module: Adding second site address

When editing a customer and adding a second site address, the Address Line 1 field is missing. Screenshot 1.

If I save the record at this point and then go back to Edit the customer that additional site address is here and blank. Screenshot 2. So I go add the details and Save the customer.

Now, if I go to the customers record, in the site addresses section, the street line 1 is missing again. And if I go back to edit the record, all of the details I added are there except Address Line 1. I think Address Line 1 has some kind of bugginess going on.

Yeah, for me, too:

Yes, that one is a bug. It seems to happen with new company sites. If you’d like to be linked into the Jira send us a ticket at and we’ll get ya added :raised_hands:


Same here, but I also found that all of my Address 1 entries for additional sites were missing. I went through and added them all, hit Save, and double-checked, and they were all missing again. This isn’t just new sites.


Noted! The development team will have that fixed up.

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