Customer Information vs Contacts

What is the difference between putting the customer info such as main contact name and email in the “Customer Information” screen vs in a Contact? For my 1 person customers, does it make any functional difference where that info it? Is there any reason to duplicate it in both places? Thanks.

There are debates on both sides for this. For a normal business, we put everything in contacts. Putting in a main contact changes the way the company displays and looks more like a residential feature to me. I wouldn’t duplicate it in both places. Syncro will use the main company contact as a fallback in cases such as the tray icon being used but no contact assigned to the device, and in that case will assign the ticket to the main contact.

In my experience, if you have the same main contact email address on multiple customers, then it won’t sync well with QBO so I leave main contacts blank. But invoices/estimates populate from the main contact so no contacts show in my invoices, only customer company names.

Hi @brandon

Customer Contacts intended use was for businesses, especially with additional staff. This tab can also turned off in Admin>Customer Settings>Enable Multiple Contacts on Customers.