Customer Facing Worksheet for automation

I would like for worksheets to be customer facing.
Worksheets are a really powerful part of Syncro and we have put them in place for a few things. Problem is that most of what I want a worksheet for is so the customer can enter the information so it does not get lost in translation or missed. We also want to script off of the information entered into the form.
I’m using widgets currently and just popping the link to the web form in the systray icon. This does work, but the widget creation and deployment is not nearly as clean as the worksheet. I’m going end up having 1000s of custom ticket fields and it gets a bit messy.
The main use for this right now is that we are working on a script that reads the custom ticket fields and automatically creates the domain user, sets their password, applies groups, creates a mailbox, assigns M365 license, installs apps, printers, renames the computer … you get the picture.
Customer fills out the worksheet and the script does the work, then sends the customer a ticket resolved notification and you don’t have to lift a finger.
You can do the same for an exit script - push an exit form and everything happens automatically.
New application form - User/PC Name/Application name - boom app installed.
I can think of so many manual processes that could be completed by pushing forms to the customer.
We don’t need custom ticket fields, we just need the information formatted in a consistent way so we can key off of it.


I would like this as well.

I would love this too. And a copy of the script you are using to do everything for you. That would be great.