Customer can't log into portal

I have a customer that can’t log into the portal all of a sudden last week. His password was saved but it says failure. I manually reset his password and we still can’t log in. I removed his portal account and added it back in. He was able to log into the portal with the initial invitation, but after logging out he can’t get back in. After too many failures it says his IP is blocked for 5 minutes, but it must be his account because I can’t try from a different location either (I get the blocked error too).

Is there an issue going on with customer portal access? What else can I try>


I should also note that the customer clicks on the forgot password link and never gets an email. (I have reviewed email filter logs and don’t see it ever coming.

He’s most likely going to the wrong URL. The customer URL and technician URL are different but similar.

Customer URL:
Tech URL:

What I’ve observed is after the client sets their password, they don’t see the little login option, so they go back or try and adjust the URL to go back, which then leads them to the tech sign in, and then they can’t use their credentials to log in.


That was totally it. I’ve only used it once before and it was a while ago. I was looking in the help section to confirm if there was a separate URL for customer portals but I didn’t find one.

Thanks for your help!