Customer Asset Tab

It would be good to have a tab under the client (next to communications contacts etc) that says Assets and it lists all client assets. Rather than a shortcut to the asset page. Just makes things a little quicker and clearer


Like this?

Similar but thats under the asset and technically the policy part.

What im looking for is under the customer page.

instead of just showing 4-5 devices and then click see more (that takes you to asset page).

Literally just having an asset tab for that client listing all devices. If you want to go further it can be in groups depending on what type of asset. So groups all firewalls/switches/nas/sycnro devices etc

Virtual Desktop is a customer. It is from my test account and has a goofy name. This view will show a customer’s Syncro devices and which policy folder they’re in. This will be launched with Policy Inheritance.

I don’t think this covers all you want to do now that I have some more details.

Something like the picture below.

If a client has Syncro Devices, Firewall/router, printers etc itll group them up. There would be some type of IF statement so that if a client doesn’t have a router or firewall nothing will display on that page. It would save a lot of time when looking for devices etc we can get a quick overview of all devices from one page rather than using filters.

Possibly a way to order it in the admin section so routers/firewalls first then computers/servers(syncro devices) then printers, APS etc


I was going to make a new Feature Request before I saw this post. This would be great. Today I was looking at the “Assets” listed under a customer and thought that the APC UPS’s were all gone. It would be a far more useful tab if it showed ALL assets assigned to that customer.

Agreed. We need to be able to see all the assets a customer has and adding a tab under the customer page makes sense. The overview section only shows 5 assets and I’m always clicking the show all to get to the next page. Too much scrolling and clicking happening.

On the new tab, it would be nice to sort by server and desktop and have that sort persistent across all customers.

I love your mock up — yes!! This would be helpful.

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