Custom Widget

Question, i’m not following the Custom Widget. I add custom fields for the widget and then widget lists them but they they get added to all the clients when we just want to do a widget for new user setups at a particular client.

I made a worksheet and it shows up in the list but it doesn’t show anything for the clients to fill out with what the new employee needs access to.

So I made custom fields and they showed up on the widget but then they showed up on EVERY ticket made so had to disable that.

the KB article on the custom widgets says you can select worksheets and they will pop up but mine did not.

any one doing anything like this for new employee creation and what drives they need to access, and all that? I want this to work because we are using a google form now and it works but we have to make the ticket and it’ll be nice to have one place to make a ticket for that one client.

Honestly I would love a bit of a demonstration on widgets too… I don’t really understand them, and like you said, it is really strange how certain things will just get added to every ticket like that.

I wish you could attach worksheets to certain ticket types that you pre-define, so for example, you could make a ticket and tag it as a “Request” > “New PC” and then have it automatically include an associated worksheet. Additionally, there should be a way to provide a form to a user who is making a request to prefill in required information for a request

yep. I get the widget. it worked but it attached to all tickets. NOPE don’t want that. And then saw we can attach a workflow so I made one with the same thing as the custom fields (before I did the custom fields) and the KB says it will pop up for them to choose. Didn’t get any thing to pop up.

So clearly Syncro, we need some further explaining on the KB article about Custom Widgets.

A dropdown can be added to the widget that allows the customer to select the custom field type.

When adding the Issue Detail, make sure to select ‘Show Ticket Type’ and then select the fields you’d like to display.


It will look like this to the customer:

saw your reply on the not displaying correctly. thanks Frank!

Just curious on a time frame when the Dev team will fix the bug on this? If you know