Custom text on the Contact Form

I would like to 100% customize the text of the required fields in the Contact Form.
I could change the texts in the Contact Form Policies, but I can’t find a way to customize the texts like “Name”, “email”, etc.

Also I notice that it does not automatically fill in the fields for me even though the fields in the customer are filled in.


The form fields are not customizable besides determining which are required.

So much this. Also an ability to add attachments would be a game changer. We don’t give access to the customer portal as there is no way to use our own URL without .syncromsp. So we use emails and the tray contact form for ticket intake but the lack of customization of the trays form is a limiter.

Would also be good to have information pulled from an asset when using a contact form. I know this is some thing other RMM’s do which is kinda great.

For context there are additional fields that are none customers visible which can be set to pull useful information like the PC name IP and a direct link to the asset. There are a couple other options but there the main ones that are a quick time saver when locating a PC.

@anon58091943 did you associate the computer to the user? That is required for the support form to autofill the contact info.

So this should already be happening really where the asset itself gets linked to the ticket when being opened from an Agent Contact Form. So all info should be one click away.