Custom Signature Forms (beyond Intake/Outtake) for Contracts, Agreements, Payments, etc

Basically a way for users to setup custom terms and conditions, similar to the built-in default “Intake/Outtake Forms”. These could be easily templated like existing HTML templates, and could be quickly generated from the Custom Profile page. The included (intake & outtake) forms are great; but being able to generate 2-5 more “terms & conditions” sign-able contracts (using fields from Syncro) would be huge!

Managed services contract and conditions
Third-party services authorization forms
Equipment leasing agreement paperwork
Recurring payment authorization agreements

Just about every MSP is still using paper for at least a few documents. For orgs like ours, this amounting to literally hundreds (some months just over 1,000 for us) of papers that are manually tracked/organized. It would be hugely helpful to have these docs generated/signed/filed in Syncro from start to finish.

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