Custom search for non paying customers


im trying to make a custom search to find customers that are no longer paying for there antivurs since moving to syncro from repair shopr ive found lots of customers that still had emsisoft enabled but had no recurring invoices or were set to the past ect, so lots of lost money.

Im trying to do a search that checks if they have Emsisoft installed but also dont have a recurring invoice or have an unpaid invoice or dont have a custom asset i made that hold the renewal date but i cant seem to find a system to do this tried a custom asset search but it does not have all the options for if that then this ect.

is this possible?

I think the best you might be able to do is make a Saved Asset Search and include Emsisoft in it, then sort the list of assets by customer, and then sort the Recurring Invoices page the same way and cross reference each that way.