Custom report on tickets

I would like to be able to run a custom report daily or weekly and send to techs with all open tickets in their name or with a status. I would like the report to be “clickable” to get right to the ticket.
I was thinking something that can be configured from the ticket list and select a saved filter.


Setup saved ticket searches. You can filter by tech and filter on statuses. Make them live in that screen and they shouldn’t be able to miss a ticket. I don’t know what your SLAs are, but if we have open stuff for a day or week, then we are not delivering to our clients. We have our ticket screen filters by us and none, not status of resolved so that we see only our tickets and any new ones. You may already be doing this, so my bad if you are, but with the amount of emails we get, I wouldn’t want to add another one, would probably just ignore it since the data is real-time in my face as is. I do miss our previous PSA where there was a report button on most pages and we could send right from there.

I already do this and it works well, but I am not always at a computer and would love an email every morning with that list.