Custom forms available in portal

It would be awesome if one could create multiple custom forms that could be made available for portal users to create certain types of tickets.

Eg, the managers would have access to a form for when new employees start and need to get set up.

Ideally, forms would be able to created globally, then assigned to portal groups as needed. Then, when creating a new ticket, the user has the option to pick which form to fill out that would contain the necessary information for that task at hand.


yes this would be really valuable. Although it would be really great for it to be available from the agent icon as well. So that customer managers can just click on our icon open a ticket and the chose a “ticket type” to pick which template it gives them and allow multiple templates for different types of requests

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ALL OF THIS! Yes! This was needed YESTERDAY.

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Yeah, I have been trying to figure out how to do precisely this. Also, doing it through the tray icon would mean the user doesn’t need to log in, and specific forms could only be made available to specific individuals through policy.

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Agreed, I just assumed something like this would be possible but apparently not. The ability for end users to be able to select ticket types and custom ticket fields is sorely needed.