Custom Fields broken

Hi Team

We have just discovered that custom fields are not working at all for us on tickets:
We had previous custom fields that we disabled. Today I added a new custom field. Enabling this custom field shows one of the previous custom fields but not the newly created one.

Am I doing something wrong or can this please be fixed?


PS: disabling and reenabling the desired field does not fix the issue.
reenabling the wrong field and disabling it, does also not fix the issue.

A ticket has also been submitted - I won’t hold my breath though.

Are any of those field types also hidden/disable?

Hi Travis

All disabled Custom Field Types are disabled.
No fields on the Purchase Order Number are hidden or disabled.

Reenabling the Quoted Time field had a hidden field - I’ve unticket that one and disabled it again.

Still, same result, unfortunately.

Hmm very strange. I just added a test one to mine and it did show up (not that information helps you)… normally though if something isnt working - its affecting more than one person.

What happens if you create a new one?

Thank you very much for checking.

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Hi @anon90547341, I am also not able to reproduce. Are you still having this issue?

Hi @canden.hicks

Thank you for checking too.
Yes, just double checked - I’ve still got the same problem.

I’ll work with support on it.
Thanks to both of you for your help!

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Ok, I’ve figured out what the problem is:

All already existing tickets don’t have the new field.
New tickets show the new custom field

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