Custom Field Tabs For Assets

I have a ton of these:)

Another to add to the list… can we add pages under the asset page for our custom variables? Right now, the side of our asset page is getting rather long… would be cool to group these variables into pages; for example, reusing the “backup” tab/page for the use of our own custom variables that we can track if a device is backing up correctly or not. Or make a new page/tab to display domain information.

I am sure I can’t be the only one:)

Under Syncro Device Custom Fields → Page Manager → Create Tab → Domain.
Under Syncro Device Custom Fields → Fields/Edit → Tab → Drop Down [Overviewtab, Domaintab, Backuptab]

Something like this… but not this… just an example of what I mean it would be nice to split them up into their own tabs. In this case, I would split the page/tab into two or three sections that the customer fields will be on either side.

Very sorry - HTML/GUI is not my thing =/

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