CRM support

Who do y’all use for CRM? Is there a way to integrate it with Syncro?

what would you want an integration with a CRM to do?

Thanks for the reply! I guess to sync the contact info into a CRM software, instead of entering it twice

There’s a couple ways to do this, but I will add there is no native integrations between a CRM and Syncro. If it’s just customer syncing you need, you could do this with Zapier or probably even something like Piesync.

If you wanted to go deep, I’d recommend Zoho. I’ve seen a bunch of MSPs doing wicked integrations with RMMs and PSAs there firsthand in the past, but you do need to tinker around with their Deluge scripting engine. I’ve seen it done with multiple platforms, Syncro included.

It would be nice if in Syncro I can go to a contact and see all the tickets and communications for that contact.

While it isn’t available on the contact record, it is available from the Ticket index page search. Just search for the contact name.

Is this something new? I quickly tested this, and it does seem to work both in the ticket page and the everything search. I am pretty confident it did not work in the everything search a while ago.

Not new. Been there the whole time (at least on the Ticket index page).