Credits appearing on Syncro accounts from Xero

We have credits showing up that appear to be syncing from Xero. I have no idea how or why they appear. Can anyone explain this to me so I can fix it. Thanks in advance for an assist!

We have had the same issue. We have been going back and forth with support and they have no idea what’s going on. Our ticket has been closed twice now from Syncro’s end without resolving the issue.
It’s put us in some embarrassing situations with our clients and sometimes we had to bite the bullet and absorb the incorrect payments.

Our work-around is to turn payment sync off.

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Do you happen to have the “Attempt to import payments from Xero” enabled while the “Disable syncing of payments” option is enabled?

Syncro does not check it an invoice is already paid before syncing payments back in from Xero so if you happen to be setup this way or if an invoice does not sync over to Xero but is marked as paid in Syncro and you don’t force the payment to resync from the Syncro side but instead correct it in Xero it can cause two payments to be applied to an invoice resulting in a credit balance.