Credit Card Payments

We manually add a 3% processing fee to hardware purchase invoices. It would be incredibly helpful if there was an option for that fee to be built into the client portal for clients who pay online before confirming their payment method with us.

For instance with categorizing a line item as hardware, adding the feature that if a client chooses to pay online with card the 3% fee automatically applies to the invoice when they select card, prior to submitting their payment authorization.

Why not just do 3% on all credit cards period?

There are some states that don’t allow it by law, and VS/MC have their own restrictions such as requiring the registration of the surcharge with the payment network and having adequate posting both in store and online of said fee. The registration process is most often overlooked. Syncro wouldn’t have a way to verify all the restrictions and could have some legal consequences if their system is used inappropriately.