Create Ticket by searching Contact not Customer

It would be very helpful to be able to create a new ticket and be able to search by customer OR contact, if you choose to create a ticket by putting in a contact name it auto assigns the ticket to that contacts linked customer account.

Alot of times when Im creating a ticket for a user its just a slow extra step to specify the customer and then later who the ticket is for when Syncro already knows which customer goes to which contact.

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@zh7 We had this requirement too.

Someone here figured out that if we setup a new Ticket Workflow in Admin > Tickets > Workflows, and set it to require the Business Name only, then it enables a search field for “Search Customer or Contact” when creating a new ticket:

The resulting ticket auto-attaches to that contact as you expect. We set that as the default ticket workflow so it is automatically used when the Add > New Ticket button is hit. You can try adding the workflow without setting it as default to see how it works for you though.