Create separate invoices for each customer location

I have customers that have multiple locations (different users, etc) that either want to see the spend by each location, and have separate accounting departments and will be remitting separate payments, by each location. Is this possible with invoicing in a single customer, but different physical address locations?

The site functionality in Syncro is pretty minimal, you’re probably better off having them as seperate companies if they’re going to be reporting/invoicing/paying separately.

If you edit the customer, you can add a bill to address. However, you cannot add multiple bill to addresses. Another way you could do it would be to add the site as its own customer such as…

Business name - Site 1
Business name - Site 2

That would allow you to invoice separately but you’d have to consider if it will work for the rest of your business workflow as well.

I am not opposed to separate companies for the three locations, however how would emails be handled for ticket routing and *.domain capture/routing? Or would all my contacts have to be CLEARLY defined in all three “companies” ?

Edit To clarify, even with all three sites to become three companies, all users have the same domain.

Bump Does anyone have any input on my last response to this thread? If all contacts are set to each individual company, does that solve the issue with ticket routing ?

Sorry, this reply slipped through my radar! It’s okay if they have the same domain, the full email should be unique for the contact though. The only area you might run into issues is if you set up an email rule to append the domain to a specific customer.