Create Customer Contact from App Support Ticket

The manual process of adding a customer contact when a support request is created via the app should be automated. All the information is there to create a new customer contact. The idea of having to manually do this on every support request coming in from the app is ridiculous.

This is automated if you assign contacts to assets. Syncro is designed with this in mind. CWM would ignore the assigned asset and would use what was on the form. You wouldn’t believe how many ppl messed up their email address and we’d send responses and they’d bounce. I agree though, they should take this a step further and if no assigned contact and the email matches a current contact, assign to that contact.

If you have a customer with 100s of workstations, it would be a pain to create and assign the customer contact to each one. And as users move around, the contact point is outdated quickly. Then you have the situation where multiple users use the same PC and it also creates and issue.
This is done in the email portion of the system, why can’t it be in the app version as well?

We’ve done this in every RMM/PSA/Documentation system. How else do you asset track? I’d go crazy if I couldn’t match contacts to assets efficiently. I even have a script that runs and takes the assigned contact and adds it to a custom field so that the search will pull up assigned assets when I search for a contact.

This doesn’t happen often for us, and as we come across it, we change the assigned contact. They’re already in the system, it’s just a couple of clicks to update the asset.

I agree here, that’s why I mentioned the fallback matching. They also need a way where you can assign multiple contacts to a system.

It can, just has to be redesigned.