Control for Runtime Variable Display Order

It would be great if we could control the display order for runtime variables, so they would be presented to the tech/admin running the script in a logical sequence. Currently it looks like it’s random.

A click-and-drag interface for the order would be ideal. An alphabetical sort would be good too if we could define the display name and the actual variable name separately.

It would save me from populating the fields incorrectly because, Lastname is presented before Firstname, for example.


Agreed. I’ve tried creating variables both ways but sometimes it still doesn’t show in the order I wanted.

Unfortunately ordering of items seems to be an afterthought in many areas of the platform.

This has bitten me MORE THEN ONCE. Trying to run the same script on a few machines in sequence each with runtime variables, major PITA to realize that the variable fields are jumping around in order and the wrong variable ended up in the wrong field!

This would be pretty trivial to fix, display in the same order they were added. Ideally it would be nice to drag and drop the order, but in all honesty the important part is just having the order be CONSISTENT. Random sort orders can be fixed soooo easily just by adding “order by”

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