Contract pricing set hour limit

Please add the ability to set a product price for a set amount of hours.
If the company exceeds the set number of hours, change the price.

Let’s say on a contract I allow 2 hours a month free on-site visit.
Or another example a company buys 10 hours a month for a lower rate.
Once they exceed the amount, I wanna be able to charge a different rate.
Also, alert that the company has exceeded the number of set hours for this product in the contract.

You can do this now. This is effectively how block-hour contracts work. Sell them a bulk of hours for X, and then if they go over that any newly added hours are charged at Y. You can also set the labor to a customer specific-rate by overriding the contract pricing directly. You can even have any leftover block hours wiped at the beginning of each invoice period if this is a recurring monthly agreement.

How can I sell a product on a contract qty 2 for 0.00 and the rest charge full price?

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I’m not sure what you mean by that. Can you please tell me how you have this contract configured specifically with this customer so I can better understand how to help?

I’ll give an example.
In one contract, the customer pays X amount per device each month.
They get a support bundle, plus 2 hours of on-site service.
Any hour which exceeds the given amount is billed separately.
How do we do this in Syncro?

Ok so this is possible. First, enable the prepay hours feature by following this KB article:

Setup a new contract for the customer, and if the pricing is going to be different than other customers for your prepay hours (which in this case are free), or your labor hours ,then you can override pricing in the contract and assign customer-specific pricing instead. You’ll likely want to do this. So set the price of your prepay hours to zero, and set the standard labor rate to whatever you’ve got going with this customer.

Now set up a recurring invoice, and add two prepay hours to it which should amount to zero. This will credit the customer with 2 hours. When you bill time against tickets, it will first deduct from the prepay hours. Once those are consumed, it will revert to your standard labor product, along with the rate that you’ve defined in your contract.

Lastly, if you don’t happen to consume the two prepay hours in any given month and you don’t want those to carry over, there is a checkbox on the recurring invoice records called “Clear/reset Prepay Hours (before this runs)” and that will wipe any remaining prepay hours prior to assigning two new ones. So it basically expires the old ones, and reset the new month back to two.

I’m not clear.
I have a Laber product called On-site service; how will this connect with prepay hours?
How will the contract know that this prepared product is related to on-site service?
So when I select a time entry On-Site service will the system use prepaid hours if available otherwise change to labor On-Site service

You’ll need to make your Prepay Hours product as described in the KB article I linked to. Any billable time is going to first be pulled from prepay hours, not just on-site service. Once those prepay hours are consumed, and billable labor hours will be billed according to how you have them set in your contract.

Prepaid hours are being deducted for any work (support, after-hours, on-site service, etc.)

In my example, a customer’s contract is allowed unlimited support hours during business hours, plus 2 hours of on-site service.

How can I automatically have Syncro count these 2 hours of on-site labor not to be billed? Anything over two hours on site should be billed.

Don’t forget that customers use support during business hours, so prepaid hours won’t work here because they will use it up after 2 hours of regular support.

There isn’t going to be a way to segment them to the degree you are asking about here.

+1 on this. I think it’s fairly common for AYCE contracts to be created in the same manner as @nherzog has mentioned above. We have many setup in the same manner. Full unlimited support, but with a limited amount of on-site support, before it becomes billable (5,10,20 hours, etc.).

It would be really awesome if there was a way to track these hours in Syncro. We are currently manually doing it outside of Syncro and it is a PITA.

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Same here, this would be awesome!
We are heading this direction with service delivery and it feels like we have outgrown Syncro in this regard