Contact Group for Remote Access

Is is possible to allow multiple contacts to be assigned to an asset for remote control? If not, having a way to assign a group or maybe even through policies would be nice.

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Not currently, they can either remote into 1 system or all systems for that company. I believe they would have to rework the way the agent contact form behaves if they were to allow multiple contacts on an asset. They could probably add a secondary field that would require less work, this field would be a list of secondary users they could tie into other stuff without having to redo the way the agent forms behave with assignment. CWA did something similar, the device had a primary user and then as many secondary users you wanted to assign, however, I’m not aware that this tie into much like the assigned contact does in Syncro.

Thanks @Jimmie - I’m coming off of ITarian where the device owner was independent of remote access users. We could basically assign contacts to groups of assets for remote access. If I could disable MFA for contacts, I could get around multiple users per asset. However, I know this would circumvent the charge per remote access user, which would not be my intention. Currently I have a vendor with 2 employees that need to share access to 3 different assets and I currently have to keep changing assigned contact depending on who needs access that day. Giving them access to all assets just is not an option in this case. Hopefully there will be an option for this soon.

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I need this as well. I have multiple users using 1 machine. can pay per user but only 1 user per computer will not work for me. Plus I have some companies that have departments and the department head wants access to all computers in the department

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just adding this - i have a CPA who wants to log in to different clients - how can I set that up?

she is connected to computer A under customer A but also wants to connect to customer B

Remote access is tied to the asset contact. For security reasons, a contact of one company cannot access the assets of another company. They would need a separate login under customer B and be made the contact for the assets they need to gain access to or you give them access to all assets under customer B.

yep ok - thank you so much - filling in characters