Contact Form Notification

Is there any way to get email notifications when a customer submits a support request via tray icon asset contact form? I’ve looked everywhere in Notification settings but can’t seem to get anything to work.

We have Teams setup and we get the notification through there, but I’ve seen people complain about not getting emails, so not sure what’s up with that. We get all new ticket notifications with just these enabled:

Thanks, Jimmie, the “ticket created for anyone” setting works. A bit messy, but it will do the trick.

Yeah I think they need to individualize the “created from” ones. There are multiple ways to create an email, but they list anyone and email only. I think the API creation has the same problem you experienced.

I would think that the “ticket - ticket has been assigned to me” setting would be the one you’d want for individual notifications but it doesn’t seem to be working currently (been testing it all morning and haven’t gotten any notifications from it).

Hi Andrew, I just tested and found the same result. Other notifications are working but the ‘Assigned to Me’ option seems to be having issues. I’ll get a ticket created for you, that’ll be in your email soon here.