Contact across multiple customers

I would like to record other businesses as contacts for our customers.
For example,
Company A is a customer of ours.
Company A has a relationship with Company B, who handles all their Electrical and Data Cabling.

Company B might also handle all the electrical and data cabling for Company C who is another of our customers.
Company B may or may not be a customer of ours.
But other companies in our customer database have different providers for Electrical and Data Cabling.

Similar situation for other providers to our customers such as web developers, security companies etc.

How do others handle this in Syncro?

Only thing I can think of currently would be to create a custom Customer field and name it something appropriate like “Vendors” or something and enter that information in there.

Or create the same contact literally across each customer.

The API exposes a lot so you could also use that for creating the contacts or linking in some other form.

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What do you think of using the Documentation section on a Customer page to put a list of vendors (plus various hyperlinks)?

yes, that would work too.
Though I would prefer something more structured.

In our current CRM the company field for each contact of a customer can be different to the parent customer company name field.
We still ended up with duplicate contacts, but at least the external contact in the customer contact list is clearly visible to be external, and the data for these external contacts have a structured format for filtering and reporting.
I also like the idea of being easily able to call these 3rd party providers via the Syncro mobile app. That would be harder if their contact details were in the document section.

For the moment, I’ll add these external contacts in as regular customer contacts, but use the job title field as a supplier type and supplier name field.
I’m also adding a ‘z’ to the begining of the Contact name field to ensure that these contacts are at the bottom of any contact drop downs such as is used for assigning a contact to an Asset.

A bit clunky and far from ideal, but feels like the best of the available options.

I would set up the contact under each customer with their email modified in each one. Check with the vendor, but most likely their email can handle “plus addressing.” If it does, set up as “” and then “” and that way any tickets they are associated with will show them even which environment you’re emailing from. The caveat is if they email you from “” Syncro won’t know where to attach it, but at least you can do that manually from your leads.