Connect / signup button via web

Currently we have 2 links on our website. One where clients can go to our screen connect to use a code to connect to an active session. Mainly used for one off clients we don’t work with all the time. The other is a link that we send that goes to the Syncro custom widgets for all new clients. We have tested out splashtop since the integration and was wondering if there was a way to have the agent automatically installed or if there is an install link somewhere that can be placed inside the custom widget once a client has signed up?

Trying to figure out if we can ditch screen connect and use Syncro splashtop full time. The only reason we still use screen connect is due to the on-demand option.

Process we do currently…

  1. Client calls / emails in.
  2. We send them the Syncro custom widget link.
  3. They fill it out (or we do it for them)
  4. We tell them to click the big button on our site to download the screen connect agent.
  5. We give them the code and connect to said computer.

Process we would like Syncro to do…

  1. Client calls / emails in
  2. We send them the link to signup
  3. They fill it out (or we do)
  4. They get redirected to the download link for the agent.

Is this possible?
Is there a generic download link for the agent somewhere i can just put on a website that the custom widget redirects to?

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We would love to see this as well.

We would also like to have an easy to use remote support option for Splashtop. @Alex.Brendel what are you doing in the form widget?

Just collecting information and having them sign a waiver / creating a ticket and getting them into the system.

This is the only reason we still have a teamviewer license. I really wish this would be an option! I don’t see nay comments from Syncro on this post so I guess it goes nowhere from here?

Would like to see this as well.

Ditto. This is the only reason we still have screen connect. If Syncro had this option we wouldn’t need it.

Unfortunately I’m not sure how active Syncro is on the forms. They seem to still be on Facebook a lot more.

We will see. I actually prefer these forms personally, since we are moving away from FaceBook.

Splashtop RMM does not have SOS built in, so you cannot use it on a website. Further, it requires the RMM agent in order to run and authenticate. You can create a generic account and generic policy folder with remote access and generate an installer from that. Depending on Syncro’s mood, it may or may not push Splashtop to the agent right away. This seems like overkill for ad-hoc support.

You would need a full license in order to use SOS.

We created a “Generic” customer, then grabbed the agent link and plugged into the website. When a customer calls in, we direct them to download the Generic link and then move the asset to the appropriate customer. Not perfect by ANY means, but a doable work around.

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I like that idea @cole. I still use screen connect, but I use it as my primary. I just like it more than ST, and its a great backup for when things happen. I won’t be getting rid of SC any time soon. I think giving the code and having the ability to install a full time SC agent or running a cmd to install Syncro is just fine from there. Just my thought. Nothing is perfect.

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