Community Script Library Is Back In Full Swing!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that the machinery is back in full swing over in the Community Script Library, and just in time for the holidays 🙂.

All scripts in the queue have been processed, and from here on out we’ll be approving new script submissions approximately twice a month.

Please note that a lot of the submitted scripts were duplicates, or didn’t meet acceptance criteria (accidentally included API credentials, included .exe files, etc.), and have been removed.

Under the new approval mechanisms, we won’t be approving scripts that contain files or links to download files. If your script requires a file, please include that in the description and allow users to input the URL into the script themselves.

We’ve also created this new category in our Community Forms specific to the the Community Script Library. This is for users helping users with scripts found in the library.

We apologize it took so long to get this moving again, but now that things are moving, let’s keep those new scripts submissions flowing!

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Will there be any indication that your script is rejected? I submitted one such a long time ago and I didn’t see any in there that matched what I was doing, but I don’t see mine in there. None of the things you mentioned were in it that should have caused it to be rejected.

There will not be, no. The bulk of the reasons scripts were rejected in this most recent batch is due to duplicates, and that is totally on us for not having approved them in so long. That shouldn’t be the case moving forward since we’ll be approving scripts twice a month now.

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Interesting. I’ll have to look again but I don’t see any script like the one I submitted in the library still.

This one has a client environment line in it. Also needs a better description. Looks like it would wipe out and reset Windows Update including history. Also it would be good practicing to remove ‘Copy’ from any script titles that get added, saw several of those.

Nmap is not included with Windows, probably should have a note about that

This is a dupe of - Block Windows 11 Upgrade
So is this, but written in powershell instead of using reg add

I’ve looked through these more. I see no reason mine wasn’t accepted.

Also, there are like 5 or 6 reboot scripts that call almost the exact same commands…

Here’s a bunch more. BTW I discoved that the script search is very dumb. If you search for ‘chrome notifications’ you get no results, but if you search for ‘notifications’ you get two results for changing chrome notifications setting. So basically using more than one word is ineffective unless you can be sure they’re used consequitively. Search is an exact search not a keyword search. This really need to be corrected. At a minimum there should be a warning that it is an exact search only.

Also a lot of scripts still have the “-subdomain” stuff in them. Some are smart and use a variable but many are hardcoded. Either way Syncro nolonger needs that and could cause errors if it’s set incorrectly. If you search for ‘subdomain’ in the library you can see them all, 67 by my count, althought several will be eliminated by going through these dupes. And there’s probably even more due to the search issue and me mostly just going through the new scripts.

This is not a script, just a powershell command syntax

These two are dupes. Personally I’d remove the refresh one as it implies something more than just a service restart.

This has nothing to do with Syncro, so that word should be removed from the title

These 4 are all dupe/similar and should be combined:

These are dupes, would keep second as it does release/flush/renew

This one is just a basic command
and dupe of
and both are dupe/inferior to

These are dupish/need merging
is a complete dupe of
is inferior/dupe to

This looks to be a bit work in progress, contains personal info and is pretty dangerous if it works. Should probably be either removed/require typing something in or another way of neutering to prevent accidental use. This combined with Syncro’s confusing bulk selection scripting menus could be catastrophic.

Should add a note to this one that it usually needs to be run in safe mode to be effective. Which by default Syncro is not set up to do.
Exact dupe of above
Partial duplicate of above
I’ve just submitted ‘Task - Uninstall/Remove Webroot’ which covers what both do and then some with appropriate notation about safe mode.
This is also partial dupe, but has some other av registry entry removals, so not sure what do with it should be modified to have variables that ask for a name to moidfy and the new name to change to.
are both dupes of
other than the sleep command, which i don’t see a purpose in and it says it’s configurable by policy which doesn’t make any sense.
also a dupe and broken:
is dupe/inferior to

This should have a more descriptive title like ‘Store Windows Key in Custom Field’
Should also remove their -Subdomain ‘hometechcentre’
This one basically does the same thing, it just unnecessarily writes to a file to do it
appears to be a newer version of
I do see a typo that needs correcting in the new one: “Mb” {$unitType = $Gb}
Should be $Mb instead

This one has a typo, should be $thrshold = 25 (it’s missing the h)
is an inferior dupe of

This has smart quotes that need to be replaced with regular quotes to function properly
Once that’s fixed I would suggest it is superior to these two which provide basically the same output, the latter just has a lot of code due to being designed for network powershell use.
is a dupe of
is a dupe of
is a dupe of
Just unnecessarily extra template code
is exact dupe of
also similar to
i’m not sure if the first two would even be effective they’re set to run as the user instead of system

This should be renamed to something like ‘Connectwise Control ScreenConnect uninstall’
is similar to my
both can be replaced with my newer
is a dupe of
are combined in
is essentially dupe of
but it has error catching

These are exact dupes and need subdomain stuff removed
This is a better version that does all drive letters and creates no files


Submit your script again and PM me on the title and I’ll have a look.