Cloud Backup Recommendations?

Since Syncro’s backups have been, I’ll be polite and say, “unreliable”, what cloud backups are you guys using that are actually reliable, actually backup and are actually supported when issues arise?


Depends on what you want to backup. Desktops? Servers? Bare Metal? VM’s? Where do you want to store the backups? Local, Off-site, or both?

Lots of different answers based on a lot of different things.

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A general solution for off-site backups. Some will be servers, some will be workstations, some will be bare metal, most will not.

I believe the topic made it clear that I was asking for a similar product, but one that actually works. :wink:

I couldn’t infer that at all from your statement, you just asked what people are using that works, nothing about feature set or having to be similar to Syncro backups. You may need different products for different situations. For example, we use Acronis Cyber Cloud for system backups, but pay per GB, so for file/folder, we use Code42 under the MSP program. If you want really similar, then Magnus Box. It’s based off of comet+wasabi too, has good support, and also does disk imaging.

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Been doing this a long time and there is not one solution for all the backup types. Every customer requires something different.

That said, we are currently using Altaro for VM backups to local storage on a NAS or system we provide that can virtualize the backups in the event of a server failure. Those backups then get sent to Wasabi for off-site.

For desktop backups, for the ones that want to pay, we use MSP360 but am going to be looking more into Comet to see if we can do “all the backups” with one application.

I have looked at Magnusbox since it’s both Comet and Wasabi, but I want to be able to control where my backups are stored off-site. Some clients have different requirements depending on their industry. Hence, not one solution offers 100% of the answer.

Syncro backups was supposed to be a good way to integrate billing into the invoices and have a single pane of glass to manage. Unfortunately, the cost for me was much higher and I already have no issues with management, so it didn’t make any sense. Plus, I can’t send to my own storage, and they don’t do full system backups, or servers. It’s only file level now.

I would prefer to avoid Comet, as that’s the 3rd party that actually supplies backup services for Syncro.
I honestly can’t tell if the issues with Syncro backup are theirs or Comets, but I’d rather avoid that whole tragedy.

A majority of the use cases would be backing up selected data. I’m not that worried about bare metal restores, since spinning up a host takes < 1 hour most of the time. We do local windows backups and ideally would use a cloud backup as well for shares and/or the local backups, depending on the environment.

MSP360 seems like a good service, but the pricing seems quite high, if I’m reading their pricing page correctly. Sure, I expect to pay for backup services, but just wow. Then again, maybe I’m late to the party and they are all priced like that.

For image and servers we use Cloudberry/MSP 360, for workstation documents we use Acronis via PAX8.

You may be looking at the Non MSP version. Sign up for the MSP account and then you can see pricing. They do discounts as you add more licenses, it becomes more affordable the more licenses you add.

I do use Comet + Wasabi. What are the issues on the Syncro side and I can tell you if they exist on the Comet side. Mostly just curious on my part.

For those that need a NAS, I use Synology’s backup agent to back up to the NAS and then Hyper Backup to Wasabi for cloud backup.

We use msp360 plus google or amazon for storage.

Sounds like MSP360 is quite popular. I will look into that.

Thank you!

Backups fail with errors like:

Couldn’t determine the size of the Storage Vault: unexpected EOF

Retried 1 times over 0:26: List packs: unexpected EOF

The retention encountered a problem: exit status 1

All of which I’m powerless to address. Syncro support has kindly forwarded it to Dev, which means I closed the ticket, because I don’t have a month or 2 for someone to resolve an issue.

That’s definitely a Syncro issue. Checked Comet’s documentation and it basically means they didn’t assign enough RAM to the VM running the backup server and it choked on a large file upload. The server process gets killed because of running out of memory and then the client can’t see the backend anymore.

In some cases, if a customer device uploads a very large file, it may cause increased memory usage on the Comet Server, resulting in the OOM Killer terminating the Comet Server process (‘cometd’). In this case, the network connection will be lost between the Comet Backup client app and the Comet Server, resulting in ‘unexpected EOF’.
Troubleshooting | Comet Documentation

You’ve given me more insight into the issue than multiple tickets to Syncro.

Thank you. Its definitely something I can’t affect from here.


Yes, the problems with Syncro backup are mostly Syncro. Comet is great. It’s the integration that’s broken. Syncro is using their own cloud storage behind the scenes. If the issue is with not enough ram, that’s something they have to adjust.

@rvelotta I would highly recommend steering towards Acronis Cyber Cloud thru Pax8 rather than MSP360. We initially went with MSP360 for our 500 customers and ran into many many problems that were starting to get out of control. Their tech support is pretty responsive, but not really ‘present’ meaning they just give you their template responses often times. Acronis support is thru Pax8 initially and then Acronis if escalation is necessary, so it’s pretty reliable. But the Acronis product is so much more reliable and more solid as a product. Restores especially, which are kind of the whole point, am I right? Anyways, I would highly recommend you check out Acronis before you get into the situation that we are in, where we now have to move all of our clients backup to a new service AGAIN. And if you are trying to backup M365 or Google Workspace, Dropsuite for that 100%, no questions/hesitations at all, it’s not even a competition.


I just helped a customer who’s LOB software vendor is providing backups. While I am on the phone with them, this guy is trying to get a file from the backup and MSP360 wants to resync with the cloud. An hour later, I let him know that I have a Windows Server backup and retrieve the file in 2 minutes. I used to use MSP360 (CloudBerry at the time) and this was so annoying.

I have been using Comet for years and I was really happy. But I need more and recently moved to Acronis. I think they are going to have a Syncro integration soon.

N-Central Backups are very reliable. The last year twice, we recovered from the ransomware attack. After that, I upgrade the firewall to Untangle NG. No more problems.

MagnusBox. Also uses Comet. Great interface. Easy to deploy on Syncro devices with their prebuilt scripts.

We use veeam for image backups (physical and VM) and file level pared with tigerbrige (backblaze) for offsite storage.