Close tickets without sending resolved message

Is it possible to close a ticket without sending a ticket resolved message?

We have created a contact that does not have any email associated with it, but the primary contact still gets an email when the ticket is closed. We would like to leave the ticket resolved messages as enabled for the cases in which a resolved email is appropriate.

The scenario would be:

  1. Ticket is completed by technician
  2. The technician changes the contact to one that doesn’t have an email address associated with it
  3. The ticket status is set to resolved
  4. No email is sent at all

Thanks in advance.

When you set up a customer, do NOT set up any contact info otherwise Syncro will always send out certain notifications to that “default” contact. Just enter the Company Name, Address, Phone, but don’t fill in a person’s name or email. Instead, create all your contacts, including the Primary, under the Contacts tab. This will ensure they only get emails you want them to get.


Assuming the answer to his is no based on the wording of your response, but can we remove the primary contact from a customer that has already been created with a primary contact?

It doesn’t look like this is possible, but thought we would ask the question anyway.

Yes you should be able to. You just have to click Edit at the top right when you’re on the customer screen.

Could you reverse your process? i.e. turn the option “Enable ticket resolved emails” OFF, then when you want to resolve with an email notification, create an Email note (maybe with some canned text) and then Submit as resolved?

I do it this way because I prefer to always be in control of when an email gets sent.