Client Portal recomendations

Does anyone have recommendations for Client Portals to recommend to clients?

Occassionally I have clients request recommendations for a platform that thier clients can submit signed documents into, but also be a repository for certificates, statements, designs, documentation etc.

Such as a Financial Advisory firm, or a Construction Firm.

Most of the time there is no requirement for the end client to be able to edit the documents. Merely upload and download. Ideally the Client Portal would integrate with Sharepoint document libraries and have document esigning capabilities.
Intergrated Document esigning is also a requirement. Can be integrated with Docusign or similar.

SuiteFiles meets these requirements, but for many smaller firms (1 to 3 staff) the minimum $250 USD per month buy in is a high hurdle.

I briefly investigated Teams Shared Channels, but these are limited to 200 channels per tenant, and require external participants to have a Microsoft Work or School account and for config modifications in their tenants.

These might suit. I dont have any experiance with them, but have seen them mentioned on forums quite frequently. Mostly Nextcloud.

Datto Workplace | File Sync and Share Solution;

If they are an Office 365 client, look at SharePoint and OneDrive.

Thanks @charles
Datto Workplace and nextcloud don’t look to be the answer.

Not quite what we are looking for.

I’m going to have a look at
Sync | Secure Client File Portal