Clearing down pending scripts

Is there any option to seek out scripts stuck in a pending state and to clear them?

What seems to be happening is jobs get stuck in that state for some reason, and then never clear, and permanently hold up future scripts we run against devices. I can’t see of any way to clear the pending/stuck jobs in a bulk way and I can’t go and clear them individually when they’re potentially stuck against thousands of devices.

We had just this thing the other day in response to the Outlook CVE, we ran a scheduled script, and a day later, for machines that were on all night we discovered the scripts stuck as pending on a lot of devices for no obvious reason.

Any advice?

On the script page if you look on the right there’s a Scheduled Runs column, if you click on the number under it you can see the scripts that are queued or scheduled. I don’t think there’s any differentiation for assets where that are pending cause offline vs pending and just stuck though, so wouldn’t want to just clear them all unless you know they’ll retrigger or are scheduled to run automatically. Also mind-bogglingly there’s still no clear all buttons on this page and they don’t clear instantly and the page goes to the top each time so it’s arduous. I’m guessing that rebooting the machine or restarting syncro services (there’s scripts in the library) might also fix stuck machines.

I think we must all be living the same h ell since the CVE came out. Just went through this yesterday and noticed scripts still pending since 2021-2022. And having to click the X on the first 15 and then refresh the page because as Issac said, if you scroll down, the page jumps back to the top every time you click an X

On my wish list would be a central place where you can see and bulk clear ALL pending scripts system wide, and with the ability to filter by customer OR script

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Yeah I think we desperately need a clear all pending button per script that shows outstanding scheduled runs.

It’s so tedious that I gave up, because whilst I was specifically trying to solve an issue with the Outlook scripts I have been trying to deploy, my colleagues have their own set of scripts to overcome challenges across the client base and they have a lot of outstanding job runs stuck in a pending state.

If I was to do this manually across all scripts that have outstanding scheduled runs I’d be here all year.

Given the lack of response to support tickets though, and the general issues the script scheduler has been through, I don’t know if this is something likely to get any immediate attention.

BTW, if you’re wanting to clear all pending script runs you can clone and then delete the script. Obviously this is not ideal if you have attached the script to any policies as you’d have to go readd the script to them, but for more task based scripts this can save time. Another hack of sorts is to zoom way out and then you click a lot more x’s without scrolling :smiley: