Clean up Your Admin Area

The admin area is impossible to navigate.
Some links will open a separate screen (e.g. Admin > Users)
Some links keep you on the same screen (e.g. Customers > Customer Preferences)
Some links bring you into some kind of “setup wizard” with “previous” and “next” … (e.g. Preferences > RMM Settings)
Clicking on your name/profile, you can access some admin areas and profile areas. Note : clicking on your profile should be all about the person who is logged in, not about “company settings”/“admin area”.
The navigation of the admin area needs a real clean up. Consistency and re-categorization & re-labelling of different areas needs attention.
It is impossible to find where you can download previous invoices from Syncho and manage your payment methods towards Syncro.
I can not use any of the invoices directly from Syncro because the layout has my personal name and the name of my wife (for some reason, maybe from the credit card at some point?) and there is no way at al to fix this by yourself.
If you compare the admin area to M365 or Google Reseller Console… things are a lot easier to navigate and understand than with Syncro admin area.
Hope that this is received as feedback for improvement and someone is listening as the product is really quite great, just very cluggy to navigate around.

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Agree, the admin area is impossible to navigate.
Apart from everything that @adam12 mentioned (all of which is sorely needed)
If only the left menu could scroll independently to the body and the header, then that would be 1000x better than the current Bin Fire that is the admin area.

I agree as well. Lots of navigation improvements could be made here.