Clean up assets with antiviurs

how would I be able to clean up which pc’s have emisoft so that to we do not get billed for it?

I’ve never used Emisoft so I’m not too sure if there’s an uninstaller for it or the best way to silently uninstall it but if you create a saved search in Synco and then run a script for that saved search it should fix that.

You’ll need to get an uninstall script working first of course.

Hey @emaciel

Emsisoft should be removed when the asset is moved to a different policy folder without Emsisoft enabled.

You can also use Emsisoft’s removal tool, Emsiclean, if our uninstall is isn’t successful. Here’s the link where you can find the tool: How do I completely uninstall an Emsisoft Product? - Emsisoft Help

However, it typically uninstalls without an issue.