Cisco Duo

Any chance Syncro will be adding an option for Cisco Duo integration as a part of its security enhancements? It would help streamline the 2FA/MFA login process while also providing a way for MSP’s to manage their team’s security from a central dashboard. :slightly_smiling_face:

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How would it work? Duo’s pretty useful, and as soon as I saw “integration” and “Duo” in the same paragraph, my ears started to burn.

This would be a great feature. I am new to my job as IT Director and have inherited syncro and Duo and would love to be able to use them together.

I think if we did anything here, it would likely be SSO with Microsoft 365. That said, for folks interested in seeing this more please feel free to chime in here.

Yeah, we all know 2FA is a must and while using something like google authenticator is great Duo would be better. I had lots of pushback from users (customers) whenever I force my customers to use 2fa but when they get a push notification from Duo and just need to click yes they all seem to like it better than having to type the 6 digit code.
I think we all can agree the easier you make things for users the more likely they are to integrate and use the tools you give them. Same goes for MSP staff members I think.