CheckCommerce / ACH Integration Error: Not Authorized

After weeks long struggle, we finally got setup for ACH through WorldPay via CheckCommerce.

Now, when adding ACH as a new “Stored Payment Profile” we get an error in Syncro stating “Not Authorized.”

Anyone else experienced this, or anyone at Syncro have a fix?



Hi @blueridge, I’m researching this issue.

We had that happen for a while, even though everyone said our World pay / Element ACH account was setup correctly with all needed everything, etc.

But we found out that PASS Tokenization was not enabled on our account. Within 5 minutes of getting that setup with one of the WorldPay reps, we were able to store profiles, run ACH charges, etc.

I would reach out and double check that this is setup fully on your Merchant services account.

Hi @blueridge,

If you haven’t already please put in a ticket, and we can have tech support reach out to Worldpay.

Thanks @Jay-PawTech ! I’m dialing right now. Appreciate it!

Thanks @canden.hicks, I will do that if I am unsuccessful getting them to apply Jay’s suggestion.

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