Check or alert for Pending scripts

There have been times when we have run a script on an end-point but for some reason, it gets stuck or doesn’t complete and is left with the status “Pending”.
We’re aware that if a computer is offline it will stay pending until the computer is powered on but is there a way to identify or report on any computer(s) that have pending scripts?

You can indeed. If you go to the script in the Scripts list and click the 3 dots > Scheduled Runs, this will give you a list of all pending runs for that script. If the asset is offline, they will de-duplicate if needed, process and clear themselves. If for some reason it just gets stuck in pending you can click the red X. Just make sure to note the date so you don’t delete any runs that needed to kick off.

That method works for one specific script but is there a report that we can run on all assets to see if scripts are pending?

I know this mightn’t make sense but if we run a batch of scripts on all of the computers and for some reason, a script fails to complete it will remain pending while we think it has run and it wouldn’t be practical to check all scripts via the method that you’ve provided.


There isn’t any report for that, but it’s a great feature request. I know a lot of users want some sort of all asset script audit trail that reports what scripts were run, when, by who, the status of those scripts, and the output all in one place. Bonus points if you can export to CSV!

That’s the dream Alexandra!!
Thanks for your time.

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