Chat with in Syncro live

one things I get feed back from my techs are they need to have so many tabs open to remote in computer with chat being one of them. If we could add chat integrated into syncro live like it is in splash top that would be supper helpful

This would be nice, however AFAIK there will be no more development for the remote desktop in syncro live. I recall syncro intended to kill Syncro Live (renaming it background tools and removing remote desktop) when they rolled out splashtop. But got substantial unforseen pushback because splashstop is not platform agnostic. For example there is no linux agent. So for a ubuntu user like me I cant use splashtop to connect to my customers. They came out and announced they will leave syncro live but that I will not be developed anymore. IIRC it was a fork of some other abandoned FOSS project anyway.

Yeah other than maintaining security updates, there will be no additional functionality improvements brought to Syncro Live. But we do have a full-blown live chat module regardless which is much better, because you can turn those chats into tickets as well as archive them for future reference.