Chat Sluggish / UI Sluggish

Has anyone noticed over the last week or two the overall web UI and chat be extremely sluggish? I haven’t seen any Syncro down alerts, but I’ve had many occasions where either myself or one of my techs has sent a chat that then just disappears into the ether, it doesn’t get sent to the customer, doesn’t show up in the website, it just disappears. Or sometimes when trying to read a chat or even end a chat, it will just hang for an extremely long period of time.


It’s not you. Chat performance is garbage now. Page reload hangs when assigning chats also.

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I’ve seen it consistently with Chat. Sometimes there are long enough delays that I just switch to email. It is intermittent, sometimes chat is quite speedy, other times its unusable. Today seems to be one of the unusable days :frowning:


I have also noticed this just with the chat section. Wonder if it has anything to do with the move they are making.


I have noticed this as well over the past week or two with the Chat on the phone app and on the web.

Yes, I’ve seen it too. In about the same timeframe as you.

Also seeing it lately.

Yes, today the chat is even more spaz…

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Yes please fix the chat. I can replicate this very often. We pretty much find the chat unusable at this point in time. The idea of it is much better than remote session based chats like with splashtop or teamviewer. Right now if we attempt to use the chat we have to remote control their session to see if it went through…

But the way it functions is killer.
If you initiate a chat to asset the first message you send always disappears until they respond. Once they respond you can see your original message. Today I send messages to user back and forth and it was fine for several messages then 2 didn’t go through, but 3rd did. Then 5 minutes later the other two messages show up. Its a MESS. Syncro, I love the concept of this chat. Please fix this!!

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I opened a support task maybe 30 minutes ago or more because I’m too am having all these same issues and it’s getting really frustrating. We use chat quite a bit and it’s not ok that this hasn’t even been commented on my anyone at Syncro.

I’m usually patient but this thread has been open for days now for what is clearly a widespread issue and no response from Syncro is disheartening.

@canden.hicks can you get this and the support task I submitted looked at with priority?

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Yes. It wouldn’t load today after I clicked on the chat link from Slack

Interesting, I haven’t seen any problems with Chat this week. Could the problems be limited to a particular geography?
I’m in Australia

I’m in the US. Dunno about the others.

I am in the US as well, and it is still just as slow. @canden.hicks can we please get a response from you?

The problem with the first message you send disappearing until the user replies has been happening for months if not from the beginning to us.

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@Andy @canden.hicks Could we please get some sort of response on this? Not trying to nag here but I also submitted a support request: 00160242 and have yet to receive a response and this is directly affecting our ability to communicate with customers in their preferred method.

Hi All,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are investigating this issue and working to get this resolved as soon as possible. We will provide an update as soon as we have more detailed information to share. Thank you for your patience as we work through this issue.

Any update on chat issues? It is painful to try and use. Will just hang when trying to start chats or chats won’t load properly, or messages won’t send always.

I agree with ben12, my original post was made 8 days ago and today, just to view a single chat, with a direct link to the chat, took over 2 minutes and multiple refreshes for the chat to actually load. This was also a chat that was already completed, so it would’ve been just historical data at that point and it still was extremely slow.

Are there any updates on this? It seems like across the board the product is sluggish on chat, doesn’t detect assets offline and send alerts, ignores script/reboots and overall mediocre performance for things that are standard features in the product. We’re a pretty small shop, so I can’t even imagine with a much larger base of employees dealing with this. With all of these performance issues, I never see any alerts or any system maintenance or anything, so it seems like we’re paying for a product that randomly just craps out on itself with no rhyme or reason on some critical functionality.

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Agreed, small shop for me too. As I get bigger, I keep getting more concerned that Syncro isn’t going to cut it. With that said, I still believe they are the best and safest bet right now, but we (the money that keeps the business going, the users that this platform is made for, the ones that actively use the community form in hopes it makes it a better platform overall) need to push for things like this to be fixed.

I get that there’s been a lot of issues for them to fix and a lot of updates and features added as of late and that they are trying, but if Syncro doesn’t have enough employees to keep up with the support requests and the like, they need to hire more staff or slow down adding major features in favour for fixing current bugs and adding quality of life mini-features (my vote.)