Chat Pop UP

The RMM Agent chat is good but often ignored because it doesn’t pop up in the middle of the screen. Can it be set to do so right in the middle of the screen? Having it placed in the bottom right corner just means users will close it or ignore it because they already get so many pop-ups there, so they don’t pay attention to it. The better option is to open the full chat from the start. It would also be nice when using the individual tech option, that a Tech profile with an option for a picture, phone number, email, etc., were available above the chat section so users know who wants to talk with them. If the company option is selected, then allow for Logo, company info, etc., which chat below. It makes the brand recognizable quicker and less likely to close or ignore it. And, of course, my number one add to the chat would be to finally have canned messages in for chat!!

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