Charges attached to deleted invoice

Hi All,

I’ve opened a ticket with Support as well, but thought I would also check here.

I was having issues with a particular invoice yesterday so I had deleted it and then rerun the Scheduled Invoice. It wasn’t working quite right for a time, so I gave up and emailed support. After I emailed support I was able to rerun the schedule just fine.

This morning when I went to look at the invoice it was missing about $2k worth of charges. When I go into the tickets to review those charges it says that they are “Invoiced”, which I click on and it brings me to the main Invoice screen and says that the invoice was “probably deleted”.

Haven’t heard back from support yet this morning and this is a bit concerning. Just curious if anyone else has had this issue and has a work around for this.


Hi Nick we got your ticket and will continue working with you there since we’ll need to dig into your system a bit. I’ll leave this thread open for comment.

Still no resolution on this. I created a separate ticket about 2 weeks ago with a more specific breakdown as the original ticket got focused on the wrong issue.

New ticket number: 90532

Viewing the ticket, your case is already submitted with development. We don’t have any way to push development cases through faster but I will restate the urgency for you.

Hi @nick6

The issue has since been remedied. We apologize we weren’t able to get this resolved sooner.