Charge TIme at a Particular Rate

Hello and TYIA~

I know it is possible to charge time on a ticket in a script, but most of our clients have a couple different rates for labor. For example a project rate would be $125 and their a maintenance rate would be $0.00 (under a MSA).

Is the a way to have a script charge time against a ticket for a particular rate for regular maintenance. in other words…

if automated maintenance finds a HD is getting full, we run a script that runs TechSuite Cleanup The Script opens a ticket an charges 15 mins of time to the MSA Labor ($0) category and moves the ticket to the “To Be Reviewd Status” for invoicing later that week.

Thank you for your thoughts…


What is available in the module is listed at the bottom of the script. It lets you add time entries and charge the time, but you can’t choose the rate or anything else. If you can configure the Contract properly with overrides, then you should be able to get the maintenance labor to be $0, however, I don’t do this because in our last system, CWA/CWM, everything was ticketed and it just became a nightmare to try and sort. Syncro does not currently have ticket boards, a way to turn off email notifications of new tickets via scripts, and can’t search ticket text, you might find yourself in a situation with a lot of noise.

I was afraid this was the answer. I was hoping there was an undocumented way to choose the rate.

Thank you.