Changing Customer on asset not working

When i select the assets i wish to change the customer on and select actions change customer and search and select the new customer. when i submit nothing happens and the assets remain in the previous customer.

Hi Andrew! I’ve seen this in the past, what asset are you trying to move to which customer? Sometimes it can be a browser issue, if you try it incognito do you have better luck?

I had this same issue myself yesterday. After a few unsuccessful tries I ended up changing 25 assets manually by going into each one and changing customer, not a solution but a laborious work around. Hope this helps.

Interesting, I’ve seen a few reports in the past couple of days where users try to update a customer on an asset, change a policy, merge a ticket, and they are seeing a delay. Currently working with the ops team to look into that further. If you’re still having issues or experiencing new delays, send us a ticket at so we can track that. If you’re able to include a timestamp and what actions you were taking that’ll be super helpful for log investigation.

Hello everyone. We have confirmed that this is a known issue. A bug report has already been created.

For now, the workaround is to go to an individual asset and click Edit and change the Asset Owner. I apologize for any inconvenience as this can be time-consuming if you want to change many assets.

Hi Jeff!

Thanks for the great troubleshooting steps! I’m going to pick up your ticket and address it there. I’d like to take a closer look at your issue compared to our dev case. :raised_hands: