Changing Agent Asset Types

Maybe we are missing something simple, but in our Syncro environment. If a Syncro agent gets installed, the agent becomes “Syncro Device”. How can we change it to one of the many other Asset Types the button lets us create? I see that if I create a ‘Manual’ Device, I can select whatever I want. Why can’t I change it otherwise after the fact? The big issue is that we tried to work around this with a simile custom asset field to help us track is it a Server or a Workstation. Not helpful. Also, If you try to sync into Hudu, Hudu sees only the “Syncro Device”, because whoever wrote this sync using the APIs is keying off this field. So there can be no distinction between any agents.

Similar issue with the agent, it seems to randomly make up the ‘form factor’ value, how can we change it? So many examples where this is a Windows Server VM in Vmware ESXi hosts and Syncro says it is a Desktop. So many clues to get that one wrong…

You can’t change a device out of being a Syncro Device. That basically is a special class of device that has the Syncro Agent installed onto it. All the other device types are custom and can be whatever you like, because those can’t have the Syncro agent installed.

There is some further chatter about this topci here.

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