Changes in asset categorization

Has anyone else noticed that the “Workstation” operating system categorization of assets is now including Windows Server operating systems?


Saved Asset Search > New Search: Set Operating system to “All Workstations”

In our case we are now seeing Windows Server systems showing in the results.

This is throwing a wrench in our billing as we use this OS categorization to split customer systems into Servers and Laptops/Desktops.

@dlee you are right. I am seeing that as well. What the heck? I see the servers still in my ‘servers’ saved searches but they are also in the workstations.

Wow, I can’t say these words? Wow…

Yup - you’ll end up counting X additional workstations for every server a client has due to this.

Guess I won’t be on this board much. My posts are being hidden…

Probably will hide my money too.


The community comes with a set of guidelines: FAQ - Syncro Support Community

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That said, we will be happy to look into what is causing the issue with saved searches.

Well Frank I’m not into getting my posts taken down for a product that I pay for guidelines or not.

It would be great if someone could look into this issue.

I’m really starting not to like the vibe I’m getting from the Syncro homeland.

I attempted to escalate this to the development team, but they are already aware of the issue and a report has already been drawn up. :man_facepalming: We want to make sure that is accurate so your billing isn’t affected.

I also want take a minute to spotlight the new recurring billing method that can be used once Policy Inheritance is rolled out to your accounts.

Each customer can have folders for different types of devices with different polices applied to each folder/sub-folder:

When billing with recurring invoices, there will be a ‘Policy Folder’ line item type. You will just have to enter the name you want to show on the invoice, select a policy folder, and enter a price. The system will count the assets in that folder and bill accordingly:

This article has a bit more information: RMM Package deprecation