Change Email templates Subject

Hi There ,

Is there a way to change the Email templates subject ?

I’m a french MSP so I’ve tanslated all Email bodies but cannot find the way to change the mail subject


There are two emails that you can change. One is the ticket comment email. The place to change that is in ‘Admin > Ticket Preferences > Additional Settings > Subject for Ticket Comment Emails’. This will also support the tags that are found in your email templates:
The second email that has a customizable email subject is your ticket/lead autoresponder. This can be updated in your Mailbox settings. Head over to ‘Admin > Emails > Mailboxes’ to select the mailbox you’d like to update. When you’re there select the ‘Advanced - Autoresponder Override’ option to edit the subject:

These are the only emails that have subjects that can be changed currently.

And do you know if it will be possiblee for other Emails in the (near) future ?


In the future, yes. In the “near” future, not as likely.