Catch all customer portal for new/existing customers?

Is there a way to allow anyone with the portal url to create a ticket regardless of their being listed as a customer in the database? As a tech company it would be very beneficial for any potential customers to simply state their need or issue to us without having to have a full profile setup. As well as having massive companies with hundreds of employees at different locations with different managers be able to access the ticketing system without needing a separate contact added to the profile.

No, the portal URL that gets attached to ticket replies is unique to each customer and gets locked down if there is 1 portal user under that company. If you send the generic one, it’s always locked down by a login. Any portal will be this way. What it sounds like you need is a contact form, which you could then route to Syncro and either have it go to a catchall or have the From come from the email they put in. If you have all locations under 1 company, you can have the manager be able to access everything. If you split locations into companies, then there’s no concept of parent/child companies, so no way to have a contact of one company do anything with another company.