Card Readers compatible with SyncroMSP and Stripe

Looking for a Card reader that we can use with SyncroMSP to read CC info we wo not have to manually key CC for our walkup customers. We use the Stored Payment Profile for our MSP clients. Works great.

Currently, only our WorldPay integrations supports card readers. Here is the feature matrix from [our KB]( Supported Hardware) that show what each integration supports:

Feature Worldpay Recommended Stripe PayPal
Apple Pay/NFC Yes
EMV (Chip Cards) Yes
Mobile App Support Yes
Keyed Credit Card Entry Yes Yes
USB Swiper Credit Card Entry Yes
Store Card Numbers (for regular transactions and recurring invoicing) Yes Yes
Payment Link in Invoice Emails Yes Yes Yes
Take Payment from Customer Portal Yes Yes Yes
Void Transaction Yes
Refund Transaction Yes
Availability USA only Check Availability Here Worldwide

This article will show the credit card readers that will be needed for WorldPay.

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Will there ever be anything for Uk? One thing that made me Regret move from syncro and repairshopr to just syncro was not being able to use the square integration
Would love to see stripe card machine