Can't update assets from Vulnerable Patches Report

It’s been like this for a while, and I don’t often use this report to do patching, but it’d be nice if it worked when I do.

If I go into the Vulnerable Patches Report and click install from there, it says installing but no scripts are reported running on any of the assets and the patch never gets installed.

I only used it recently when I turned off auto-updating after the Jan Patch Tuesday mess and then later wanted to push the updates out manually.

Does this work for anyone else?

Yeah I’ve tired using that report a couple times but never got it to work unfortunately.

Also the “Vulnerable Patches Report” name makes no sense, patches are not vulnerable. On the report page it’s called “Missing Patches by KB” which is what it should be called and the URL should be change to match.

I’ve been attempting on my end, does the installation button ever complete from the report page? It seems like it’s saying it’s installing forever.

I finally opened a ticket on this. Got a response that they are aware of the issue and it’s being escalated to the dev team.