Can't find tech auto assign setting


I have one specific customer and whenever I create a ticket for them it always gets assigned to the same tech.
I’ve paused SLAs and deleted all the ticket automations and remove the tech from the inbound mailbox.
This happens by either emailing in a ticket or creating a new one for that customer.
If I create a ticket for another customer, then move it to the problem customer, it will still assign it to that tech.
I fear I’m going crazy and I’ve run out of places to look for this setting.
Can anyone help?

Check Admin Settings > Leads > Email rules link

Thank you for the suggestion!

I do have rules in there but there’s no ‘assignee’ set, so I don’t think that’s it.

Thanks again.

I see you said you paused SLA, are you sure it’s not in there? Pausing may not prevent assignment.

isaacg, you’re a genius!

I presumed that pausing the SLA would pause all the features.

In retrospect, the way its setup makes more sense… it’s just the timer that pauses.

Thanks so much!